Rev. Clint Evans’ Eulogy

My words for Clint’s funeral I stand before you today, because my friend, colleague, & brother, Clint showed me the love of Jesus over and over again. I have a few brief stories to share with you all today, which is a tough gig for pastors, but I’ll do my…
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The Weekly Breather: Good Friday – Soul Care Collective

We get the name ‘Good Friday’ because the word ‘good’ used to mean ‘holy.’ On this holy day, let us sit and welcome the dark place of Golgotha. Source: The Weekly Breather: Good Friday – Soul Care Collective

Union Precedes Kenosis

  Good morning, church. Last week, we talked about how we should, for the time being stop asking others to come to our church on Sunday mornings. I think some of us were a bit caught off guard by that. It sounds weird, doesn’t it? It has a certain shock value to it,…
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Make the Words Your Own- Using the Psalms as a Tool for Prayer

  Good morning, Church. Last week, we looked at using the Apostles Creed as a form of prayer. We sought to confess before God who we believe He is, and to affirm what the universal Church has held to be the truth for centuries. This morning, I’d like to take…
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On the Apostles Creed

  This summer, we have been looking at many different aspects, or parts, of prayer.  We’ve looked at the Old Testament, the New Testament, written prayers, praying for ourselves, praying for others, for our community, for our world, and a history of prayer. But, there’s one aspect of prayer that we…
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Holy Moments

My wife Steph and I always have trouble figuring out what we want for dinner. It’s true. It’s one of those things that we’ve just never really been able to figure out ahead of time. We have our typical repertoire of meals that we cycle through, and last night was…
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Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation. For anyone who calls themselves a follower of Jesus, the topic of spiritual formation will come up at one point in time or another. We all have our ideas and thoughts about what it is, how to do it, and, of course, why it’s important. Simply put, to…
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