Why I Am a Methodist

Pizza Methodist So, earlier this week, on Monday evening, I was watching TV at home with the family after dinner. Steph had gone for her walk, and I was going to take mine in a few minutes, when she turns to me and says “I want pizza,” To which I…
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Make the Words Your Own- Using the Psalms as a Tool for Prayer

  Good morning, Church. Last week, we looked at using the Apostles Creed as a form of prayer. We sought to confess before God who we believe He is, and to affirm what the universal Church has held to be the truth for centuries. This morning, I’d like to take…
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On the Apostles Creed

  This summer, we have been looking at many different aspects, or parts, of prayer.  We’ve looked at the Old Testament, the New Testament, written prayers, praying for ourselves, praying for others, for our community, for our world, and a history of prayer. But, there’s one aspect of prayer that we…
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Music, Autism, Pain, God, Prayer & Theology

  Music I love music. Even from a young age, music has always been a big part of my life. I guess I have my parents to blame for that. I was listening to Dave Brubeck’s Time Out, The Beatles 1962-1966, Hootie & the Blowfish’s Cracked Rear View, and Alanis…
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Means of Grace- The Lord’s Supper

Dinnertime Eating. Food. Sustenance. Chow. Grub. Whatever you like to call it, it is perhaps our most basic biological need- our need to eat. And drink. Think about it- We eat three meals a day. That’s twenty one meals a week, and one thousand and ninety two meals a year. Plus snacks. That’s a…
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Post-Easter Prayer- “Now What?”

Well, yet another Easter season has come and gone. It was a busy time for clergy members, especially with Holy Week services, as well as Easter Sunday services. For those who are regular church goers, we have experienced once again the stories of Jesus’s ministry, passion, death, and resurrection, as…
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