Technology in Ministry

Endings Well, it’s happening. My time at Asbury Seminary is drawing to a close. Today was the last day of class for my IT501 class, otherwise titled: “Technology in Ministry.” I’ve spent the past week learning about how to take good photos, done some video recording, and editing (poorly, I…
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Lent 2016: Seeking God by loving others

Lent: A Strange Time Ash Wednesday and Lent have always been strange times for me.  I wasn’t raised in the church, so I didn’t even learn about the meaning of Ash Wednesday or Lent until I was in college, so, in a lot of ways, it is still a bit…
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Well, as I’m sure you can tell, I haven’t written much of anything as of late.  My last post was dated May 17th, which was about three weeks ago.  Since then, things have been a bit hectic for me, to say the least. Three weeks ago was finals week, as…
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Means of Grace- The Lord’s Supper

Dinnertime Eating. Food. Sustenance. Chow. Grub. Whatever you like to call it, it is perhaps our most basic biological need- our need to eat. And drink. Think about it- We eat three meals a day. That’s twenty one meals a week, and one thousand and ninety two meals a year. Plus snacks. That’s a…
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Means of Grace- “Searching the Scriptures”

  I lost my sunglasses this week. I would say it’s not a big deal, because in the grand scheme of what else is going on in the world right now (Nepal earthquake, Baltimore protests, etc.) it’s really not, but it still bothers me. I don’t usually lose things. Keys,…
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Holy Moments

My wife Steph and I always have trouble figuring out what we want for dinner. It’s true. It’s one of those things that we’ve just never really been able to figure out ahead of time. We have our typical repertoire of meals that we cycle through, and last night was…
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