Monthly Archive: July 2017

Why I Am a Methodist

Pizza Methodist So, earlier this week, on Monday evening, I was watching TV at home with the family after dinner. Steph had gone for her walk, and I was going to take mine in a few minutes, when she turns to me and says “I want pizza,” To which I…
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Jonah 4: Judge and Jury

“It’s not fair!” So many times in my childhood, I uttered those words to my parents And every once in a while, I hear it as a parent myself. I would imagine that if you’re a parent, you might have heard those words at some point in your own life,…
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Jonah 3- Jonah Gets a Second Chance

  Introduction:   Our opening video comes from the VeggieTales movie “Jonah,” which is basically a kid’s version of the Jonah story. It’s a fun video, and really speaks to the heart of what comes in Chapter 3. Last week, in Chapter 2, we heard Jonah’s prayer while he was…
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Jonah 2- Jonah’s Prayer

Introduction: Over the past several weeks, I’ve been reading C.S. Lewis’s “Letters to Malcolm,” which is framed as a correspondence between Lewis and his fictional friend Malcolm, and the main topic of their letters is on prayer. It’s not so much as a “how to” guide, as much as it…
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Jonah 1: Running From God

So, a few years ago, in the midst of my time in Alexandria, I had a season of what I’d call “discontent.” I was in the middle of seminary, and just wanted it to be over. And I was in the middle of my time at my appointment in Alexandria,…
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