Rev. Clint Evans’ Eulogy

My words for Clint’s funeral I stand before you today, because my friend, colleague, & brother, Clint showed me the love of Jesus over and over again. I have a few brief stories to share with you all today, which is a tough gig for pastors, but I’ll do my…
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Why I Am a Methodist

Pizza Methodist So, earlier this week, on Monday evening, I was watching TV at home with the family after dinner. Steph had gone for her walk, and I was going to take mine in a few minutes, when she turns to me and says “I want pizza,” To which I…
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Jonah 4: Judge and Jury

“It’s not fair!” So many times in my childhood, I uttered those words to my parents And every once in a while, I hear it as a parent myself. I would imagine that if you’re a parent, you might have heard those words at some point in your own life,…
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Jonah 3- Jonah Gets a Second Chance

  Introduction:   Our opening video comes from the VeggieTales movie “Jonah,” which is basically a kid’s version of the Jonah story. It’s a fun video, and really speaks to the heart of what comes in Chapter 3. Last week, in Chapter 2, we heard Jonah’s prayer while he was…
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Jonah 2- Jonah’s Prayer

Introduction: Over the past several weeks, I’ve been reading C.S. Lewis’s “Letters to Malcolm,” which is framed as a correspondence between Lewis and his fictional friend Malcolm, and the main topic of their letters is on prayer. It’s not so much as a “how to” guide, as much as it…
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Jonah 1: Running From God

So, a few years ago, in the midst of my time in Alexandria, I had a season of what I’d call “discontent.” I was in the middle of seminary, and just wanted it to be over. And I was in the middle of my time at my appointment in Alexandria,…
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A New Hope

  If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past ten years or so, it’s that the internet is a strange place. Since the emergence of various social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others, these various kinds of “online communities,” have been redefining what our relationships…
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Jubilee & The Scandal of Grace

Debt Perhaps one of the biggest things that has happened over the past ten years or so is how it seems like the prices of everything has gone up exponentially. Food prices. Gas prices. Even college tuition prices. I remember working in the telecounseling office at Greenville College with Steph,…
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Technology in Ministry

Endings Well, it’s happening. My time at Asbury Seminary is drawing to a close. Today was the last day of class for my IT501 class, otherwise titled: “Technology in Ministry.” I’ve spent the past week learning about how to take good photos, done some video recording, and editing (poorly, I…
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The Weekly Breather: Good Friday – Soul Care Collective

We get the name ‘Good Friday’ because the word ‘good’ used to mean ‘holy.’ On this holy day, let us sit and welcome the dark place of Golgotha. Source: The Weekly Breather: Good Friday – Soul Care Collective

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